Lovers of nightlife around the world have been admiring Tel Aviv for many years – a city that never sleeps. Many clubs can be found in other cities of Israel (for example, in Haifa, Beer-Sheva, Netanya, Ashdod), but Tel Aviv is truly a world-class club capital.

An inseparable part of Israel’s nightlife is the “Russian” nightclubs. How strange, such a notion appeared in Israel in the early 90s, after a large repatriation from the countries of the former Soviet Union. The fact is that about a million “Russian Israelis” live in Israel, which make up about 17% of the population of Israel, and therefore it is not strange that in Israel there are about 35 nightclubs in which almost all the public speaks and understands the Russian language.
Most of the “Russian” nightclubs are located in the city of Tel Aviv. Basically clubs are divided into two categories: “Dance bars” – an institution for up to 300 visitors, in which there is no such dance floor, although constantly playing DJ music, in which it is hard not to dance. All hangouts take place around the bar and two hours after the opening of the club the audience manages to dance in small aisles between the bar and soft sofas. The second category of nightclubs is discos. Here things are more serious. The discos gather from 700 to 2,000 people, whose main goal is to break away on the dance floor, and not sit at the bar or fall on a soft sofa.
A club day is Friday. Usually the clubs start working at 11pm, but the public is only pulled up after midnight. Until this time, the public spends time in the car parks of clubs – a good way to chat with friends before the nightclub bustle, recharge energy (ie alcohol) and save money. Well, now about the most important thing. Music, music and more music. Israel is considered a world power in the field of “trance” music. Here live and create music by famous DJs like, Skazi, Yahel, Infected Mushroom, etc. The paradox of “Russian” clubs is that this kind of music (trance) is not at all popular. Basically, there are twisted “commercial electro house”. At two o’clock in the morning it is customary to do a half-hour break on R & B. Fans of the “trance” will have to wait until 4:30 at night, and at 5:30 in the morning most of the clubs are already closed.

Nightlife in Tel Aviv