Nightlife in Tel Aviv

Lovers of nightlife around the world have been admiring Tel Aviv for many years – a city that never sleeps. Many clubs can be found in other cities of Israel (for example, in Haifa, Beer-Sheva, Netanya, Ashdod), but Tel Aviv is truly a world-class club capital.

An inseparable part of Israel’s nightlife is the “Russian” nightclubs. How strange, such a notion appeared in Israel in the early 90s, after a large repatriation from the countries of the former Soviet Union. The fact is that about a million “Russian Israelis” live in Israel, which make up about 17% of the population of Israel, and therefore it is not strange that in Israel there are about 35 nightclubs in which almost all the public speaks and understands the Russian language.
Most of the “Russian” nightclubs are located in the city of Tel Aviv. Basically clubs are divided into two categories: “Dance bars” – an institution for up to 300 visitors, in which there is no such dance floor, although constantly playing DJ music, in which it is hard not to dance. All hangouts take place around the bar and two hours after the opening of the club the audience manages to dance in small aisles between the bar and soft sofas. The second category of nightclubs is discos. Here things are more serious. The discos gather from 700 to 2,000 people, whose main goal is to break away on the dance floor, and not sit at the bar or fall on a soft sofa.
A club day is Friday. Usually the clubs start working at 11pm, but the public is only pulled up after midnight. Until this time, the public spends time in the car parks of clubs – a good way to chat with friends before the nightclub bustle, recharge energy (ie alcohol) and save money. Well, now about the most important thing. Music, music and more music. Israel is considered a world power in the field of “trance” music. Here live and create music by famous DJs like, Skazi, Yahel, Infected Mushroom, etc. The paradox of “Russian” clubs is that this kind of music (trance) is not at all popular. Basically, there are twisted “commercial electro house”. At two o’clock in the morning it is customary to do a half-hour break on R & B. Fans of the “trance” will have to wait until 4:30 at night, and at 5:30 in the morning most of the clubs are already closed.

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Beaches of Tel Aviv

Do not know what beach to visit with our companions? We will help you to understand this.

The West of Tel Aviv goes to the Mediterranean Sea: 14 km during which 12 sandy beaches follow one another. In the winter season there are only 7 beaches, 4 of which can be walked with dogs without a leash, another 4 have free libraries.

On all beaches, with the exception of Ha-Tsuk, the entrance is free, parking is almost everywhere. On many beaches there are lifeguards on duty, there are children’s areas, umbrellas, awnings, sunbeds (for an additional fee), bars and cafes. Most are equipped with simulators, beach sports are built.

Local residents mostly visit the paid “Ha-Tsuk” which is removed to the north. The next beach, with lawns, “Tel-Baruch” – is also considered a beach for dream. Beach “Matsitsim” – the owner of the Blue Flag – one of the cleanest beaches.

Behind him is a small “Azmouth” where gays gather. Popular, albeit narrow, Beach Hilton is known for the most tranquil water. There is a surfing center, free parking. The tourist beach “Gordon” is famous for its swimming pool with sea water and entertainment for children. Beaches “Frishman” and “Bugrashov” are almost identical, offer a relaxing holiday almost in the center of the city.

The largest beach and crowded, awarded the Blue Flag, “Jerusalem”, is chosen by all, and families with children, and tourists. Behind him is the recently updated “Aviv”, where there are no rescuers and it is forbidden to swim. The southern beaches are Charles Clore by the park, Barabashchikov at the dolphinarium and Givat-Aliya, which goes to old Jaffa, are relatively unpopular.

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Israel cultural rest

Shopping lovers can stroll through the city center and the streets of Balfour, Rothschild and Ha-Azmaut. Buy souvenirs: local spices, tourist cards, A variety of leisure will help elite escort service.
The Museum “Fisherman’s House”, named after the famous artist, is an amazing place for art lovers, where you can see illustrations to famous Jewish and French fairy tales.
Theater lovers should definitely visit the national theater of Habima. In it you can see not only classical productions, but also fashionable musicals. And in front of the theater there is a stylish square with a green recreation area where you can make wonderful memorable photos with Israel cultural rest.
But is not it time to go to museums? Except already described, Bat-Yam is famous for its thematic clubs. Sports fans will appreciate mini-football, street-ball and beach volleyball. You can visit them during your holiday, diversify your leisure time. And the prostitutes of Israel will help brighten up the evening.

The best places for a beach holiday

Beaches attract tourists with their warm sand or rocky pebbles. For cleanliness carefully monitored. And security is provided by the rescue service. Not far from the beach area is the city park.
In the summer pass swim in the Mediterranean Sea. You can watch the brave or participate.
On the waterfront, street concerts often take place. Be sure to visit the International Street Theater Festival! You will get a lot of impressions and get to know interesting people from different countries. Do not know who to go with? Make an order for escort services.
One of the most popular beaches is Kamenny. It is safe to swim, because there is a breakwater in the presence. People come to have a rest to look at it not only from Israel, but also from other countries. It is there that the best cafes of the city are located. On this beach, there are regular sports and creative events.
On the beach “Jerusalem” is everything you need for recreation: sand, waves, toilet booths, small restaurants.
“Model” is located in the very center of the coast of Bat Yam. You can enjoy a quiet and leisurely rest, relax and lie down in the sun.
“Riviera” – an ideal choice for beach lovers. Sun loungers, umbrellas – all you need, in order to buy plenty and sunbathe.

Than to brag to colleagues? An unforgettable vacation in Bat Yam!

Bat Yam is one of the most beautiful cities in Israel, attracting tourists with its landscapes and sights. The warm Mediterranean Sea will leave wonderful memories of the rest.
Almost all the hotels are located near the coast, so that the window offers a beautiful view. And if you do not know with whom to relax in such a place, then you can use the escort services.
Top 3 hotels
The city’s first popular hotel is called “Leonardo Suite By the Beach”. Each room has elegant furniture and balconies with a beautiful view of the sea. The price includes a set of home appliances, free Internet access and the ability to use the phone.
And lovers of activity can visit:
• fitness center;
• outdoor swimming pool.
The second most popular hotel is called Elis Hotel. It is located near the beach of Hagolshim. The rooms have air conditioning, a TV with cable, a fridge and an electric kettle.
Guests can visit the restaurant or bar, enjoy local cuisine. Entertainment activities are held on the territory.
Unlike the previous two, the Terrace Apartments complex offers exclusively studio rooms. This is an ideal option for those who like comfort, but do not intend to spend all the rest in the rooms. They have the following equipment: TV with satellite channels, air conditioning, microwave.