Beaches attract tourists with their warm sand or rocky pebbles. For cleanliness carefully monitored. And security is provided by the rescue service. Not far from the beach area is the city park.
In the summer pass swim in the Mediterranean Sea. You can watch the brave or participate.
On the waterfront, street concerts often take place. Be sure to visit the International Street Theater Festival! You will get a lot of impressions and get to know interesting people from different countries. Do not know who to go with? Make an order for escort services.
One of the most popular beaches is Kamenny. It is safe to swim, because there is a breakwater in the presence. People come to have a rest to look at it not only from Israel, but also from other countries. It is there that the best cafes of the city are located. On this beach, there are regular sports and creative events.
On the beach “Jerusalem” is everything you need for recreation: sand, waves, toilet booths, small restaurants.
“Model” is located in the very center of the coast of Bat Yam. You can enjoy a quiet and leisurely rest, relax and lie down in the sun.
“Riviera” – an ideal choice for beach lovers. Sun loungers, umbrellas – all you need, in order to buy plenty and sunbathe.

The best places for a beach holiday